Monday, 28 November 2016


Hi friends,

It's been a long journey, let's just say that I have created many forms of art.

My days as a quilter as seen here.

One of my favourites Calling All Angels!

Rug hooking I thought would be a long time art.

Designed and hooked by me. I have this hanging in my studio.

Crocheting and knitting.

Just a few of my many projects.

DIY projects, have many of them as seen here.

Most viewed!

Then I found that sketching and painting was so relaxing!

I know I'll never be a Picasso,, but one things for sure NEVER GIVE UP!!!

                                                    It's a Moooovy Christmas!

                         Thanks for following along, Love hearing from you!

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Home made Apple Picker DIY

Hello friends!

You know every year we have an abundance of apples, Spy and Mac.

Mr. WWH spends hours picking and picking by hand and filling bushel baskets.

We only have 2 trees but wow APPLES!!!!!

Our families, friends fill up their homes with apples . Did you know you can freeze apples.
You peel them, core them and then slice them, put them into airtight containers, or freezer bags and
pop them into your freezer. Then down the road when you want to make apple crisp, apple sauce etc.
you have them.

Well like I said an abundance.

Mr. WWH. ends up putting the bushel baskets filled with apples to our curbside with a
sign  "FREE APPLES" just leave the bushel baskets.

Cars stopped constantly and fill up their bags.  One gentlemen brought our bushel basket
back to our door and thanked us so much. Inside was a $5.00 bill and a note that he
was dropping off free range eggs in appreciation.  By the way those eggs were delicious!

And so it continues, still apples to be picked so we try buying an apple picker. None to be found!

So, Mr WWH did the next best thing, made his own.

1. one large tomaoe can
2. cut and lathed a piece of wood to fit into  one end of the can
3. one closet hanger rod that extended 6 ft.
4. a piece of thick plastic cut to size to fit and support the end of the can
5. cut out an opening on the side of the can and folded back an opening
6. added rubber hosing on to the sharp edges of the can
7. attached the can to the rod with wood screws
8. drill and tap the rod for adjusting the length

                 Here you go! One delicious Mac picked with our new apple picker.

           Needless to say our trees needed pruning so Mr.WWH went to work
                  with a tree trimmer and cut them down to size . These trees still have
                             apples on them .

  Now we can reach the apples from the ground 13FT. plus+!

                                     Well one things for sure we will always be healthy!
                                    "AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY"

                              Thanks for stopping by, love hearing from you!

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Saturday, 29 October 2016

New Pine Shiplap

Hello friends!

I know it's been awhile, time just passes.

Today I would love to share with you our Son and DIL's  new renovated  bedroom.

They did it themselves. DIY Shiplap!!!

I have been seeing this new technique in all the magazines and over the net.

 Mostly used was plywood cut into strips but Bill went out on a limb and did it
                                                his way!

Downright GORGEOUS!!! Wouldn't you agree!

Bill used pine boards, for a more rustic look!

First they had their room painted in Benjamin Moore
Stonington Gray.

Then finding his wall studs he taped the wall before laying out his pattern.
Then went to work nailing them in place.

                         The shiplap was stained not painted with minwax gray.
                                  This way the knots in the pine would
                                                          show through.

                                   Did you notice new king size bed and bedding.

Sorry there were no before pictures. The before room was painted in a soft yellow.

                                              Here's a view of the whole room.

Last year I shared with you the barn door that my husband made for them.

                          Next in their plans is to rip up the carpet and lay hardwood flooring!

                                       Love how this room turned out.

                                               Have you done any renovations lately?

                    Love hearing about them and please let me know your thoughts on shiplap!