Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Country Living!

Morning Friends!

A Beauty day in the country.

Just to the west of us the horses are grazing. One is full and having a rest while the other
stays close.

My rockery just off the deck is finally showing some colour.

 Our warm weather has just come in the last two weeks.
 Late this year. But it shows this week and on were in for some gorgeous days.

My poppies haven't shown yet! They are late. Maybe have to plant some seeds for next year.

Looks like it needs some thinning out. But not for this girl. Still need back rest.

Love this view! Old barn in the distance. Fields been seeded with corn.
Hubby's barn holds our antique vehicles and their ready to roll.

Just as I'm about to head back in for my morning coffee , chippie appears. Looks like he's
been in the bird feeder again.

                                                    Have a great day!

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Soft Pastel Portraits

Hello Friends!

Have you ever been on a Paint Nite! Or a Worshop for soft pastels?

Well I spent Friday night with a few friends doing just that.

Learning new colouring techniques with chalk pastels.

Wasn't sure if this class was something that I would enjoy or like but by
the end of the session I was hooked. Line and sinker.

This introductory class began with the red fox , as seen above.

We were given chalk soft pastels, tracing paper, pencil, and a gesso board 6x6.

Also a black and white copy of the above. Once we traced the fox's head onto the gesso
board we continued the process of bringing this cute red fox to life one stroke at a time.

First up we learned the different strokes using the chalk pieces. The square edge or the
full piece dragging it along on a piece of paper till we felt comfortable with the look we
were trying to achieve.

Here's my cute fox, poking his head out of a tree stump for the first time.

What a fun night it was, laughter, new friends and who knows maybe this course
brought out an artist within,

You know the old saying....

                            "You are never to old to learn new tricks"

                      Hope everyone's weekend was as eventful as mine.

                                                      Thanks for following along!

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The perfect table

Hello friends!
Hope everyone's Mother's Day was as beautiful as mine.

Last year when we built our gorgeous sun room I filled it with items I love!

But there was something missing.

A coffee table!  I thought we could use this pouffe that I found at Homesence.

But.... it was hard to put a drink on it in fear of it spilling.

So we were on the look out for a table that would compliment our furniture.

So I started looking at garden furniture. OMG! the $$$ signs. This was last year.

Coffee tables were too big and bulky as well as $$$ so we made do.

Now it's sun room season again and we are on the lookout for a table.

Without looking Mr WWH came home with the perfect table. My hubby went dumpster diving....

No not quite, picked this gem up on the side of the road.

Measuring 19 1/2 inches by 40 inches.  It had a shelf on the bottom that we already removed.

Perfect condition! But needed some updating. So Mr WWH went to work.

Took it apart and cut down the legs to 15 inches and then with the palm sander gave it a
good sanding.

Put it back together again and now it's ready for painting.

After a few coats of Beauti Tone Raven it's ready for it's debut.

                                                       Ta Da!

                                              Perfect size, Perfect colour!

                                        So when you least expect it..........

            The best part was that it was FREEEEEEEEEEE!!

                                            Love It!

                Thanks to my sweetie for my new coffee table!

                                              Thanks for following along!

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