Monday, 2 May 2016

Spring painting poppies

Hello friends!

Hope everyone's weekend was eventful!

When it's raining I like to go in my brightly lit studio and paint.

So here's my inspiration  photo.

 I'm hoping that my poppies will soon be popping out of the garden .

So in the meantime I painted some watercolour poppies.

I find painting is so relaxing and it gives me joy to create!

I haven't been painting for very long and I'm still learning. Maybe I should take some lessons.

This one we decided to frame. So off to Michaels and I knew exactly the frame that would
compliment this painting.

But when we hung it I noticed this......

My painting had ripples...... I thought once it was framed that those ripples would disappear.

So with some research I found that I could iron out the ripples.

                                                    Much better!

   Doesn't the black frame set off the black in the painting.

                                          Here it hangs in our hallway for now!

                                                     Thanks for following along!


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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Let's talk Succulents !

Hello friends!

On another wet dreary day here in central Ontario I finding myself wanting
to get down right dirty.......hands that is....Can't wait to dig in the soil ....

So to my surprise my DIL last Saturday,  took me to a Succulent Workshop!

                                 Here at the Mint Floral Co.

I thought oh how exciting...I can get my hands dirty.....

For you gardeners out there you KNOW what I'm talking about...don't you!!

So we arrived for the 11:00 am workshop and were lined up at a table with 12 other
ladies and in front of us we had a wooden box, soil, and one succulent .

That one succulent was the centre of the arrangement. From there we chose other
succulents that would compliment the other.

Inside the box was a plastic tray.

- first we added enough soil to reach the top of the wooden box , making sure we tapped
 the box on the table to distribute the soil.

- next came the centre piece.....

- then we continued to add and change and add till we were satisfied with the look we were
trying to achieve.

- some that would eventually cascade over the sides were placed at the corners.

Did you know that succulents are an easy plant to grow?

Some have found them easy outside to grow but when it came to inside their's died.

                                    OVER WATERING!!

These little gems like the light and only require watering when the soil becomes dry.

                            Remember they are a dessert plant!

These are our two containers planted up and ready to watch them flourish and grow.

They will take over the box when mature and the ones on the edges will cascade down.

                     While we were there I happened to notice these octopus looking plants.

                                     They were kinda grey with a touch of red.

I thought they were a faux plant but to my surprise they were AIR PLANTS!

                         Well I never!!

                        I found a keeper and brought it home.

                                                      Look closer you'll see it's flowering!

            If you are in the area drop by Mint Floral Co. you'll be in for a real treat!

                                              Thanks for following along friends
                                                   and have an amazing week!


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Monday, 18 April 2016

Yarn ...Too many projects and a giveaway!

Hello friends, it's been awhile since I talked about yarn.

With spring definitely in the air we're thinking of new projects for some of us
yarn lovers lighter yarn and maybe a project or two.

I know I always have something on my hook or needles.

Today lets talk sock yarn.  Patons Kroy Socks!

It wasn't long ago that I made up many pairs of socks

 with this luscious yarn.  I loved how this yarn knitted up so smooth and washable too!
The above socks I knitted were a couple of years ago . Go here to this link.

These scrumptious yarns came the other day from Yarn Canada.

Go to their site to see their large selection.  The lighter stripes (Sweet Stripes)was yarn
 I had on hand but look at
that lovely Slate Jacquard and the Turquoise Jacquard. Love those colours.

With this (1) super fine yarn, I see I'll be bringing out my hooks/needles  and making a shawl or two.

Found these ones on Pinterest.

                                                        Oh how beautiful!

Now for the giveaway

                            I would love to share  2 balls of Patons Kroy Yarn!

1. Open to readers who follow my blog @ White Weathered Hutch and  Follow me on INSTAGRAM

***Please make sure that I can reach you I won't look up NO REPLY Bloggers***

2. Tell me what colour of yarn , Turquoise Jacquard, or Slate Jacquard you would choose

3. I am Canadian and giveaway is open to only Canadian and US readers ! Sorry!

                                             It's that easy!
You have until April 30, 2016 to Enter!

I will combine all entries from my blog and IG and pick one winner a May 1, 2016

                                Thanks for stopping by and Good Luck!