Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Nostalgia Co.

49 Ford

   We are off again in our 49 Ford Pickup to Camebridge, Ontario

Come along for a ride to a unique 
Nostalgia store....

                                     Welcome to Southworks Outlet Mall!

                          Located in the historic core of Cambridge, Ontario

Of course we took the scenic route and arrived much later then anticipated .
But we did manage to spend our time in the one store we went for.

Can you guess from the picture?   No it wasn't the antiques....this time was for


Here's what greets you as you enter........

Oh my many memories flowed as I walked the aisles.
Our home as a child had a chrome gray table and yellow chairs just
like the one in the top left picture.

Love the turquoise set as well as the booth.
Could you see yourself having just such a kitchen with all the appliances to 
complete this look.

Well look no further than here.
The  tables and chairs started at $1500.00 and were guaranteed for life.

Look at these cute bottle stoppers.....

priced to sell at $9.98.... or

                                              how about a fridge and stove
                                                   salt and pepper shakers

There were so many unique items for sale....
radios, furniture made from car/tuck parts, signs, clocks
machines , jute boxes,,,,,,,many many more.....

                            The original Kit-Cat Klock just $49.99

I purchased a cute Pink Poodle mug as a gift ( can't say or show you who for)...shhhh its a surprise!

                               Do you think you can tell from these pictures what I
                                      brought home?

Well I can show you.....some candy.....the kiddies will love...

A few tea towels with a a nostalgic pattern

                                                     @ $2.99 for a pkg of 6



     The Original KIt-Cat Klock

Here it is hanging on a wall in our Kitchen.......

                                   Well the time got away with us and we knew we had
 a 3 hour drive back and to also stop for another day we will go back just for
\the Antiques.....

                                                Did you guess right??

                                Thanks for stopping by and taking the ride with us.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

For the love of Lilacs

Do you agree?

Lilacs are so easy to grow and the varieties are endless.

My personal favourite are the purple blooms.

Oh the heavenly scent fills the room with only a few blooms.

Here take a closer look .  Now breath deeply and close your eyes.....

Can you smell them?

I pulled out my brushes and watercolour paint and captured these blooms on paper.

                                        Do you grow lilacs and what is your favourite?

                                             Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

                                          Love hearing from you!  If you are a new follower

                                                          Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Recipe of the day!

                                                             Hello Friends!

 The temperatures have dropped again. Monday was so hot and humid then
Tuesday we were back in the deep freeze. We were to get rain but instead
strong winds that brought in a cold front.
Last night was another frost warning , so all the hanging baskets came in once again..

When it's cool I like to bake....

                                                             Apple Cinnamon Bread

So delicious!

A very easy recipe.

Can I tempt you!

Let me cut you a slice.

A dabble of whipping cream!


You can find the recipe here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

It's Apple Blossom Time

Hello Friends!

Well if you're keeping up with me with what's growing ...or not...
One week sure makes a huge difference.

A walk around the yard....a couple of acres you will see a huge difference....

It''s Apple Blossom time.     The blossoms are in full bloom....

Our apple trees are loaded...If this is a sign of a healthy crop,
we will have an abundance of Mac's..

Ah love this time of the year.....
That fresh country scent....(smell)....
Tucked away in the barn is Hubbys 49 ford pick up.....

We were out cruising on this beautiful weekend!

Our pear tree is full of blossoms as well.

Looks like there will be an abundance of pears,  better start looking up recipes....

Bought some hanging baskets to drop into my urns.  Do you do that!!

Last year I planted a Hydrangea  ( endless summer)in the front urn.

This was so pretty and then come fall I replanted it into the front garden beside
the front steps.   It's starting to grow and I can't wit to see the blue flowers again.

I also planted last fall a hydrangea tree and it's leaves are also appearing....Yeh!

The shrubs made it through the winter and all is looking good.

We purchased stain for the back deck.  Just waiting now for a dry day and less humid.

Like to have it done before the sunroom gets installed.

Update on the's had it's final measuring and and deposit has been made ...
now the waiting game. We were told 7 weeks so we are into the 4th week....only 3 to go!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Do tell me how does your garden grow?

                                                        Thanks for stopping by!


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Thursday, 14 May 2015

What's blooming...or not

This is a favourite of mine the Flowering Almond Bush and one that always
blooms for Mother's Day!

Here NE of Toronto , the gardens are not too far along yet. So I have been
busy edging.....

I have 6 perennial beds and this is the best time for edging ...and weeding and
removing dead ...didn't make it through the winter....plants.

One of the beds just to the east is  sheltered by a large hedge as in this photo.

Love the begonia basket a dear friend gave me for my Bday......It's the only bit
of colour here.

Then over to the side of the driveway you see the plants are slowly popping out of the
ground. I planted many perennials last this bed ... Hoping they survived..

Yes not only have I been edging but I finally painted the fences the background.

There is another perennial bed to the right and behind the other fence to the right of this picture.

Do you see the hostas are just starting to show.......

One lonely tulip left in the front just under the Flowering Almond.

                      Hope everyone has a beautiful day enjoying their gardens....

                                         Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Barn Doors this is beyond gorgeous!

                                      Have you ever thought of owning a barn door?

                                               Love this rustic touch ?

                                    Mr WWH made this door for our DIL ......

 It all started here....

                           But before I start you must see all these unique vehicles
                                 that he makes over the winter months from
                                          skids. Here are just a few.......

He builds them and then gives them away to grands, nieces and nephews.....
and keeps a few for his own collections.....many hours, many hours.......

             You see skids are what this barn door is made of....

You can see him here busy assembling the door...but what you don't see is the
time spent removing all the nails from the skids .

look in the background and see all the wood leaning up against the wall....

Sanding and more sanding......

The door is taking shape.....

The ends were attached and then the cross brace.

All that's left now is the staining.......

                                                         Looking good!

Here it is laying on two saw horses.

Next day we delivered it to our Son's home and our son and Mr. WWH hung the

Privacy in the master bath!!

                                                 Our dear DIL was over the moon
                                                      just what she envisioned.

In case you are interested in the hardware, they purchased it at Lowe's for $150.00.


Love it! 
Wish I had somewhere to have one!

Yes Mr. WWH. you are amazing!

Thanks for stopping by!

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